Jærens første grønsjband (ifølge Terje Vinterstø). Klepp 1992-1996

IBI UBU spiller på Trøkk 16 festivalen i Sandnes mai 1994.

Original besetning:
Hans Egil Løe, gitar og sang.
Frode Efteland, bass.
Per Magne Knutsen, trommer.

Høsten 1993 blei Geir Zahl fra Bryne med i bandet. Han var kommet hjem igjen etter et skoleår i USA, og han hadde med seg en brukt Fender Jazzbass. Geir overtok som bassist mens Frode Efteland overtok trommene.

I Kaizers livejournal finner vi denne beskrivelsen:

Artist description: The band started in December 1992. We were the first band in our district to play Nirvana covers. We also went in studio and recorded our version of the old Mamas and Papas hit «California dreamin'». We got a supportjob for Norways hottest band Motorpsycho at Folken in Stavanger. The day after, the newspaper wrote following statement from Hans Egil Loe » Sjoel om me e i fra Jaeren, saa spele me ikkje AC/DC og saann».(Even if we comes from Jaeren, we don’t play AC\DC covers!) . Music Style: Grunge Musical Influences: Nirvana, Soundgarden, Afghan Whigs, Motorspycho

Artist History: Panzer’s very own story: It was a beautiful morning in September. The sun was shining and the leaves on the tree has just started to get the colorcode yellow. I was picking mushrooms while I sang a few tunes. Suddenly He (IBI UBU) showed up. He was tall, a couple of heads bigger than me, and very big. He laid his arms in cross and spoke to me with a strong voice in a foreign language which I at that moment didn’t understood. Then as fast as he showed up, he suddenly disapeared again. I was left alone with my mushrooms and felt a strange smell sneaking up my nose. My jeans was wet. Later on, I knew what he wanted. I suddenly understood what he wanted. He wanted me to form a band which I later did. Our texts is formed in my dreams where IBI UBU speaks to me. This is the only and the true story of master IBI UBU. IBI UBU was created behind my vision. Group Members: Hanz Panzer- vocals & guitars, Zahl – bass, Frodo- drums Albums: California Dreamin'(1993-single), Morphine (1993), Sundance (1995)

Bilde fra en artikkel om Storhaug Fritidssenter i Klepp. (Jærbladet mars 1993)

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